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10.1: Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this course!

By now, you should be well-equipped to use Terraform to encode your cloud infrastructure within your codebase, ensuring reliable operations for you and your team.

We hope you found value in this course. If you're interested in exploring Terraform with another cloud provider and a different application, check out our video tutorial in partnership with Linode. It offers an in-depth look at using Terraform in a different context, helping you expand your knowledge and skills further.

Bonus content!

A year after releasing the course, I did a 2 hour livestream, making sure the configurations still worked and fixing anything that had gone out of date!

This can be found at:

These are "pay what you want" with a minimum of $1 (required by Gumroad since the video files are above 250MB). If you got value from the course and want to pay more than the minimum that is great, but if you can't afford to do so, that's okay too!

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