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0.1: Course Overview

Course Overview

Welcome to the Docker and Containers: Beginner to Pro course by DevOps Directive!

This course is designed for beginner through intermediate software engineers who have familiarity with web applications and some basic linux shell commands.

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Part 1 (Modules 1-4)

In the first part of the course we will cover:

  • What Docker and Containers are
  • Why they exist
  • The underlying technologies
  • How to set up Docker Desktop
  • How to persist data when working with containers
  • How to use 3rd party container images

Part 2 (Modules 5-12)

In the second part of the course, we will build on that foundation to:

  • Build a sample 3 tier web application using React, NodeJS, Golang, and PostgreSQL
  • Create and optimize Dockerfiles to build containers images for our applications
  • Use container registries to store and share our container images
  • Run our application with docker and docker compose
  • Secure our container image and containers at runtime
  • Interact with Docker images, containers, volumes, and networks
  • Learn to incorporate Docker into our development workflow with hot reloading, debugging, and testing
  • Deploying containers to the cloud!


While I do my best to explain things as simply as possible, it will be helpful if you have the following:

  • Familiarity with web applications (the course examples are in JavaScript + Golang)
  • Basic shell commands (enough to build/run an application in language of your choosing on Linux)
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